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The first iconic blend from McCarthy's Irish Whiskey


At McCarthy’s, we believe an exceptional whiskey is born of an exceptional journey.

Our craftsmen begin by creating a blend of high-quality single grain and single malt Irish whiskeys which have been hand-selected from our partner distillery. We do not choose our comrades lightly, however.

Our award-winning partner distillery is one of the most respected and historical distilleries in Ireland. They are industry renowned for the quality of their raw ingredients, their state of the art distillery, their exacting processes and people. We then mature our spirit in ex-fill Bourbon casks with a Sherry cask finish resulting in a whiskey of gentle complexity and balance with a remarkably smooth finish.


Our Irish whiskey journey began long ago. The McCarthy name is one that carries an esteemed history being one of the great Irish Medieval Clans.

They were rulers of much of Munster for centuries, and during times of feuds and battles, their spirit was unrelenting. In fact, their history is synonymous with that of the craft of distilling itself, a craft which required foresight and bravery.

Today McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey is a proud statement of that shared heritage. We now look to the future with the wisdom, knowledge and fierce determination of our ancestral clan.

Our whiskey is a proud statement of a shared heritage


This initial release from the McCarthy’s range is a premium blend (non-chill filtered) with an exacting triple distilled and double casked maturation process.

This creates a more premium offering compared to other well-known Irish whiskeys at a similar level. McCarthy’s will therefore have stand out appeal when speaking to whiskey curious consumers the world over.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Our team is dedicated to developing a full range of aged whiskeys, using unique blends and single malts with an interest in innovative casking techniques. This family of whiskeys will be introduced to the market in stages to ensure we create an exciting level of expectation from our advocates.


McCarthy’s is a superb, triple distilled Irish whiskey, patiently aged in Bourbon casks with a Sherry cask finish to unlock the unique characteristics of the liquid.

The flavour opens with hints of toasted oats, fresh yellow apple and warm cinnamon spice with drops of dried vine fruits.

The finish is one of nutty vanilla and rich creaminess on the palate. The blend combines the sweet softness of grain whiskey and the lively citrus of the malt whiskey to deliver a winning combination.

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