Dave McCarthy

Dave McCarthy

What are the types of Irish Whiskey?

Blended Irish Whiskey Blended Irish Whiskey is a type of Whiskey that combines two or more types of whiskeys. Blended Irish Whiskey is often smoother and more accessible than single malt or straight bourbon whiskey. This is because the different…

Irish Whiskey Maturation

McCarthy's Irish Whiskey

The next stage of the story in making Irish whiskey is maturation, or in other words, ageing. This part of the journey from grain to the bottle starts with the spirit that has been produced from distillation being filled into…

How is McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey Made

Grain and water selection The grain Careful sourcing of the main ingredients is crucial to the success of any recipe. This is especially true when it comes to Irish whiskey. The grain selected for all Irish whiskey plays a central…

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